Home Sweet Home

So, today is our first day home. We’ve been in the hospital since early early Tuesday morning. Now, it’s Thursday night, and here we our. Just mom, dad, dog, and baby.  It’s so many things all at once, it’s truly hard to explain, really. It’s exciting; we’re finally adults. We are on our own, doing the adulting thing. Raising our baby girl, just the two of us.  On the other hand, its terrifying; we are adults, on our own, raising a child.

There is a level of comfort in the hospital. If things got crazy, and we couldn’t handle them for some reason, there was a little red call light, and nurses and doctors would be there in a matter of moments. We had a little nursery room we could take her to, so we could go for a walk in the hall ways, or walk to the Subway, across the campus. Now, it’s just us. So far, things are going pretty good. She’s slept a good chunk of the time we’ve been home. Of course, we’ve been home maybe 6 hours, total. Here’s to the rest of the night.


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