Every day life

Well here we are, another day on the books, and we haven’t burnt the house down or lost the baby somewhere. Things are finally getting into a groove, and let me tell you, that’s super nice!

So much has happened today, it’s really hard for me to pin point just one or two things to talk about today. We were fortunate enough to have E’s mom and her fiance come over this morning and volunteer to watch the baby for a few hours, while we got a chance to get out of the house and do a few things that needed to get done. One of the biggest things that we needed to get done was to buy E a new bra. You guys out there reading this, pay attention this…just because they get bigger, it doesn’t mean it’s the green light to have fun with, “big boobs”. I didn’t realize how sore and painful this part of having a baby could be for her. You see it all the time in the movie ( great source material, I know ), how the woman has  baby and her boobs get big and the guy loves it, and the woman love that the guy loves it. Sometimes though, they just straight up hurt! Again, because I love and respect her privacy, I won’t get into great detail here, but it’s pretty critical that your lady takes care of her gals. They feed your baby, remember.

After we did some shopping and got a few things we needed, we ran and got some much needed frozen yogurt. I know, it’s the middle of winter in the Midwest, but something about it at that moment just seemed right. It was hard, being away from our baby for the first time, when she is only 5 days old, but it was needed. We hadn’t really been out of the house to speak, and we hardly had the windows open, even. it was a quick break, but a worthwhile break. If you’re fortunate enough to have family to do that for you, listen to me…take advantage of it!

After we got home from our short day out, we did what we’ve become so good at. We fed the baby, changed a diaper, pumped some milk, and took a deep breath and relaxed. Today was babies first big outing, too! My father and mother live about 65 miles north of us, and as of right now, my mother is actually in Colorado, at my sisters recovering from her 2nd knee surgery. That leaves my  dad, who doesn’t really like to drive much outside of his little slice of town, home alone for the time being. So, like an good son would, I packed up my little ball of sunshine, and drove her to see her PaPa for the first time! She did great, she slept like a rock the whole way there and back, and acted like the perfect little angel that she is while she was visiting. They even had a little conversation back and forth. It was very possibly, the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen in my life. It really warmed my heart to see my dad sitting in the living room, holding his 5 day old granddaughter for the first time, and smiling from ear to ear. I’ve even got the pictures to prove it! It was a good time had by all

So, I guess the moral of today’s story is this: There are going to be a lot of things that happen after you have a baby, and you will read every damn thing that you can Google in 9 months about having a baby; How the body will changed, how you will change, how to tell if she’s going into labor, how to make labor happen sooner, what to expect in the first few weeks, etc… but at the end of it all, there are so many more things that you will never find out there on the wild web of baby crap. Even in this blog, with as candid as I am and as candid as I will get, there are things that are just simply unique to every situation. And guess what, that’s ok! Take in every bit of it, and just roll with the punches. Some days are going to be a breeze, while others are going to test your limits beyond what you thought you could ever handle. Just remember, when you think you’re at the end of that rope, look at the little bundle of joy you’ve made, look at your partner, and know that this is easily the greatest thing you will ever accomplish in your life.

Until next time!


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