Lazy Sunday’s

There couldn’t have been a better day to have a lazy Sunday, then today. It snowed over night, only a little over an inch, but it was also ridiculously cold outside, too. I guess I shouldn’t act surprised, this is the Midwest and we’re known for stupid cold winters. It’s just been so nice lately, I think we got a little spoiled. For a lazy Sunday, I think we had a pretty busy day, overall.

We are starting to get back into a more normal, everyday life routine with things. That’s a good feeling. We both also got a good nights sleep (all things considered), which was amazing! As we were laying around on the couch, though, something was brought to my attention by E. She said, when people first start talking about having babies and don’t really have any background in babies, she felt like they could get the wrong impression about what having a baby is like. It’s not just sitting around on the couch on a lazy weekend, drinking coffee, listening to music and watching daddy peck away on the keys of his laptop as he builds a website for his daughter. That’s more the stuff you would see in a Hollywood movie. Real life babies are more along the lines of, “really, again?…ok.” That’s not to say there aren’t moments like that where things are just laid back and everyone just chills all day. But really, it’s a lot of repetition on a daily routine. Wake up, make breakfast, eat, pump, feed baby, clean up breakfast, rest. Wake, repeat, and enjoy. Of course there are things in there to break up the monotony, but I can assure you, it’s not all rainbow and unicorn farts.

This morning as we were gather up dirty clothes, (OMG, with a baby, there are soo many more than you thought possible), and we noticed that the outfit that baby was wearing from overnight had spit up on the side of it where she clearly had a small throw up some time in the middle of the night. E came out to me, and looked genuinely sad for a moment and she told me she felt like a bad parent cause it was 10 o’clock before we noticed the spit up. I think it was that moment where I realized another one of those dad/partner duties; even if you feel as bad as her; know that you’re not a bad parent. You’re a new parent, your a tired parent, you’re learning on the fly, and as long as your baby is happy, and healthy, you’re doing a great damn job. Tell her she’s not a bad parent, even if in that moment, you agree. Hold her, and kiss her. Make sure she knows she’s doing a great job. Don’t be a dick.

Something that I learned today, that E clearly knew, but I think she wanted to see me learn it the hard way, was that breast fed babies poop. A LOT. And it’s not pretty guys…it’s not pretty *shiver*. I’ve had my share of experience with babies and dirty diapers. Granted all my experience was with babies that were somewhat older and through the newborn phase, I thought I had a grip on it. Nope. I’ve since learned that basically, the little monsters will eat, then burp, then poo. After those first couple days of black meconium poops, (wait for those, their fun…), your baby will have some fun poo’s. Nothing special, or life altering really, just don’t be surprised when you open the diaper and see the amount in there and wonder to yourself how something so small can make so much poo.

I’ll leave you with a few things for your Sunday.

  1. Dad- Take care of yourself, too. I know you’re a macho man, who isn’t weak, and doesn’t need sleep or food or anything like that. I’m the same way. Hell, I might be your leader for that matter, but trust me, you need that sleep. You need to drink more than just soda and coffee. ( I don’t do the soda thing anymore, but lately I’ve been trying to mainline coffee). If you are too wore out and beat down to function, you can’t take of your family; and guess what, they need you more than you might realize.
  2. Target. Jesus…Target. Before we had baby, I remember E saying how she didn’t really care for Target and preferred other stores like Wal-Mart. Since getting pregnant and then having baby, Target has really been something of a god-send. We still like Wal-Mart for certain things, but honestly, in the realm of baby things, Target is just freakin’ on point! And for those of you out there who are a little more money aware, like us, the Target brand, Up&Up, is amazing for damn near everything you’ll need. Just as good as the name brand stuff, and a fraction of the cost. Listen to me on this folks. Target is AMAZ-BALLS!
  3. I have discovered a new unit of measurement and I will copyright it soon. It really can cover a range of sizes and such. It’s called, ABOOB. One word, two syllables. I’ll work out the details this week at work, and get back to you as soon as I can.
  4. Wish me luck everyone, I go back to work tomorrow, after my week of ‘parental bonding’. I’m kind of freaking out. I’ll be coming home on lunch of course, cause I don’t think I can be that far away for that long, but I’m still really nervous. I’m sure E and baby will be fine, it’s me I’m worried about. I might take puppy with me tomorrow to keep me stable, lol.

Happy lazy Sunday everyone!


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