Look how far we’ve come!

So for all my loyal readers out there, (all 3 of you!), I didn’t make a post last night, and I’m sorry. There was just a lot going on yesterday, and honestly, by the end of it all, I was so tired, I didn’t care. Terrible attitude for a celebrity of my status, I know, but it’s the truth.

Our beautiful baby turned 1 week old yesterday! She went to the doctor for all her check ups and passed with flying colors. As of yesterday morning, she is 2 oz. shy of her birth weight, and the doc says that’s fantastic. Given how much the little chunker drinks, I could see her being right on schedule. I think the worst part of it all was that even though it was her Dr. appointment, I was the one that ended up with the needle in my arm…can you believe it!? I guess I was over due for my flu shot. Unlike my amazing fiancé, I do not have a almost debilitating fear of needles, so it didn’t have the same effect on me; at least not until I worked out later that day…my arm was so sore after an hour of lifting, I thought I might just die. Turns out I didn’t, though.

After all the fun at the doctor, we went to visit the child care facility that E works at. Her company has on site child care for it’s staff, as well as on site hospitals for them. (That’s where are family doctor is located. I know, smells like skynet). It was a good thing we did, too. When we first found out we were having a baby, we put our names on the list for baby to be at that day care, for a couple reasons…

  1. It was cheaper with E as a teacher there, then if we went to another day care.
  2. We know the staff, the rules, and how things are done, and we like the way its done.
  3. How easy will pick and up drop off be?! It’s like take your child to work day-every day!

We were originally told that there wouldn’t be room for baby by the time that E came back from break, so we found a different place, almost as close, with longer hours to make pick ups and drop offs easier for us. As a teacher though, she gets priority placement on the list, so as soon as something came up, we’d know.  After almost 6 months of not hearing anything we gave up and found the aforementioned new place. We figured we would leave her there, too, as we didn’t want her to have to get used to one place and then all of a sudden get moved to a new place. Seems very disruptive. at any rate, we went to visit some friends there after the appointment, and low and behold, we get told there will be a place for her as soon as she is ready to go to school! We were so excited. It would be easier on the bank accounts, and easier for drop offs, because starting in April, E will be transfered to the same center where baby is going! As we were leaving the campus, we talked about how excited we are how great this will be. It then occurred to us, we had become those parents. The ones who always dote on how amazing that particular site is, and how happy they are their kids get to go to that site, and how much better it is than other places. Kind of like we were elitist. For a moment I didn’t like that feeling. I’ve never felt that I was one of those people that needed to have the right clothes, or house, or car or whatever to feel accomplished. After I thought about it for a minute though, I realized that, at least for this case, it was a good thing. Isn’t the idea that we want nothing but the best for our children? For them to always have better than we had growing up, no matter how good we had it? I still don’t need fancy cars, or a big ass house, or $200 jeans, (that’s just stupid), but for this one case, my little girl deserves nothing but the best, and I realized, before she came along, I was happy just getting by. I didn’t need the high end job. Just something that made me happy, and kept me fed. Now, I have a reason to push myself and obtain the goals that I always day dream about but never actually go after.  Not for me or my pride, but for my child.

Whew…that got a little sappy at the end, huh. Guess E isn’t the only one with hormones out of whack. Which leads me to a quick point. Guys, when your partner has the baby, she may seem ok at first, and she probably is, for the most part. But keep your eyes open. She may not become depressed, (but if she does, don’t wait till she thinks she needs help. Step up and make the call for her. You’ll be glad you did), but she will, without fail, cry and the most random shit you’ve ever seen in your life. Every time E reads my blog post’s she cries. I can hardly listen to Train anymore, cause half the songs make her cry. I know that she isn’t hurting or made or in pain, but that she’s just a little off right now. It still kind of bothers me though. So guys, just keep an eye out for it, and hug her tight. That usually does the trick.

After all the excitement of yesterday afternoon, we finally got home and settled and E’s mom came over for the afternoon to be with E while I worked. It was a nice break for everyone I think. After the day was over, and it was dinner time, I decided I would make dinner for everyone, and whipped up some turkey burgers, stir fry veggies, E thought we needed cranberry sauce, since we were having turkey. (hormones) After dinner, we had cherry pie, talked for a bit, and then said our good-byes. Looking back, poor baby might have had a little over stimulation, and that’s what caused her to be so fussy, but in all honesty, it was probably good for her to get used to that kind of thing. After we all got snuggled in for the night, we manged to have a fairly restful night. I’m hoping this pattern of sleeping through the nigh continues into adulthood. As for today, well, I think we are just gonna have a relaxing day and enjoy some family time.


Until next time!


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