The Dark Side of the Moon

So clearly I’ve been watching Mulan with the family, lol. E’s dad and his fiance are in town today to see baby, so we have been just relaxing and watching some tv. It’s been a nice relaxing day, and I like it that way. Also, in case anyone is interested in an update on how the whole buy food online and going to pick it up at Hy-Vee went…it was amazing! I am fairly certain we will be doing that again, and soon. They are super helpful, and it was so much easier than going into the store and dragging up and down the isles, looking for the things we want. It cost a whole $2.95 to have them do all the shopping for us, and then bag it up and bring it out to us. I’d totally do that again!

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means there is always a big dinner at our church for people to go to. It’s kind of a big social gathering, if you will. And there are also bible study groups and such on Wednesday, too. It was babies first big outing, too. We went and had dinner at the church, the baby got gawked at by all the church people, and then we went to the bible group that brought us our dinner on Monday night so they could all see the baby as well. It was a pretty good night over all. Not to much commotion, and just enough of getting out of the house so that we don’t get cabin fever and go out of our minds. It was over all, a great night. The baby is starting to get into more of a routine, as well.

She’s starting to get on more of a regular day/night schedule. She sleeps during the day and wants to be awake at night, haha. E and I are getting into a good routine, as well. It helps us figure out who sleeps when, and who stay up with the baby. It’s working out pretty good. Now we just need to get the baby on schedule, so she sleeps at night and stays up during the day. Overall, things are going really well. I think the thing I’m focusing on the most today, is my own childhood..strange, I know.

I grew up in the 90’s. I am the epitome of a 90’s child. I grew up watching things like, Doug, Rugrats, Double Dare, Power Rangers, (god I loved Power Rangers), Clarissa Explains it All, Full House, etc. I had awesome things to drink like, Surge, Pepsi Crystal, Orbitz, ( it was that clear stuff that had the floating stuff in it. Didn’t taste that amazing, but it was so cool). We spent our time playing outside, riding bikes, and playing capture the flag. If it was cold, we would play on our Sega’s and our Nintendo’s. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog, or Super Mario Brothers. I grew up in the dawn of the tech age. We had Macs, that played Oregan Trail. We were learning how to play on Print Shop Pro. I even remember having the clear phone in my room. It was awesome.I have seen the evolution of technology. I first started using 5.25″ floppy disks, and have grown up learning all the new tech, to the point where now I use either a flash drive, or one of my numerous external hard drives, or even my cloud accounts. It makes me think about the world that my daughter will grow up in. She will never see the old 3.5 in floppy disks that our now the universal icon for “save”. She will never likely know what the ‘A’ drive is. Hell, in all likelihood, she won’t know what a ‘D’ drive is. I had to special order that on the laptop that I’m writing this post on. I remember the first SD card. It was 256mb. The other day, I bought one for work and it was 500Gb. My first phone was a Nokia brick phone with a whip antenna. Now those phones are literally in museums. I know have a phone sitting on my bed that has more memory built into it, then the very first computer I built in high school. Hell, I remember 56k dial up internet. Now, my city is currently looking to install ‘wifi hotspots’ around the city, so there are basically going to be random spots all over the city where people can just sit down with their laptops or tablets and connect to the internet. Do you realize how amazing that is, and how fast things have happened?  It’s insane. I just can’t help but think about what things she will see in her lifetime, and for that matter, what amazing things she will help create in her life time, as well. I guess being a new daddy will do that to a guy, huh? I can’t wait to see what she will do.


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