Baby it’s Cold Outside

Sorry I’ve been gone for a minute, everyone. I haven’t been feeling the best the last couple days, and I’ve just been kind of resting, and trying to feel a little better. It’s been painfully cold here and it makes me have zero desire to be outside any long than I have to be, and because of that, I’ve started to develop a little cabin fever. (go Midwest winters!)

So every time I sit down to write in my blog, I always forget to mention a little something that I think is a life saver for new/first time parents. It’s this little thing that they have where E works at, for the infant babies. It’s a bottle warmer! I know, sounds a little ridiculous, but you guys have no idea how amazing this thing is! It’s made by ‘Munchkin’ brand, and truly is one of the most amazing things out there. You simply put a predetermined amount of water in the the water holder area, (technical terms), and place the a bottle with milk or formula in the warming area, making sure to loosen the lid, and push the little button. 90 seconds later…VIOLA! You have warm food for baby…it’s freaking amazing. I’m sure you’re thinking, “just use the microwave, dude.” And I would agree with you, but as an engineer, I understand thermodynamics, and what can happen when you heat things in a microwave. The worst being, ‘hot spots’. Also, I just happen to like new things. It’s worth it though, people. Just take my word on this.

So over the last couple days, nothing much exciting has happened. We got the ok from the doctor to start letting baby sleep more than 2 hours at a time between feedings. As of right now, she goes about 4 hours or so between feedings, and she seems to be doing well. She is, for a newborn, doing amazing at the whole sleeping thing. (I’m fairly certain she gets that from her mom). Today we took her to a friend of ours and got her new born pictures taken, too! She did really well, all things considered. She had 3 outfit changes and managed not to have a melt down during any of them. I can’t say that I would have done that well, lol. We even took some pictures of her with my old teddy bear that I slept with till longer than I care to admit. I loved those pictures, and can’t wait to get them. I was talking to my mother on he phone today, and told her about them, and I think I might have heard her tear up a little bit. She sounded really happy about those pictures. That stuffed bear went everywhere with me, literally. I once stopped a flight from NYC to Des Monies because I had left my back pack that had my bear in it in the child care lounge and wouldn’t calm myself down until I had that bear in my hands. (yes, I’m old enough to have been lucky to be able to fly, without a parent escort, because the flight attendants would watch you, and people weren’t bat shit crazy). It was really something to see her laying ther with my bear that is over 30 years old. It warmed my old heart.  I’d share them on here, but while I try to remain candid about my experince as a first time father, I also want to keep my families privacy intact. Those of you who know us outside of the blog can see them on social media. Those of you who don’t…just trust me, she’s the cutest baby ever.

Tonight, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican place to eat. We invited E’s mom and her little brother along, too. I think it must have been baby night there, because we counted 7 babies in car seats, just on our side of the restaurant. And of course, everyone was complimenting everyone’s baby. All the while, you know each of us was thinking they had the cutest kid there. Silly, misguided people. She did great, for her first late night outing. We all managed to have dinner, and relax. Of course, grandma could hardly put her down long enough to focus on eating. She had a bottle at the table, and then pretty much fell into her routine of smiling, and sleeping. It’s truly amazing how many problems can be solved by a bottle and a nap, isn’t it?

Things are starting to fall into a routine here, and I like that. It makes life pretty nice. We managed to get all caught up on one of our favorite shows, and nearly caught up on another. I’m back in my routine of working out, and trying to eat healthier, and we’re even getting back into our house cleaning routine. It’s nice that things are settling in. I’ll be honest, it didn’t take nearly as long as I though it would, either. Tomorrow is another big day for us, we get to go see great grandparents, and the rest of the cousins who couldn’t make it to the hospital to see us. I’m sure baby won’t spend more than a few minutes not in someone’s arms, too. But hey, that’s ok, that’s what babies are for, right? I think I’m off to take something for my upset stomach, and get a little sleep. Until tomorrow, friends.


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