Long time, no talk!

So, it’s been a looong time since I’ve made a post, huh? Let me tell you, being a new parent can cause your brain to melt a little…or a lot. We’ve been crazy busy with everything. And lots of changes happening in our household, too.

Baby turned a whooping month old last Friday! She’s doing great. She hasn’t gained much weight, but she is over her birth weight, so the doc says that’s great. Her hair is turning more and more red, too…god save us. She’s starting to develop a little bit of that ginger attitude, too. Guess we’ll have to keep her away from her uncle, don’t need two gingers getting together and coming up with plans to take over the world, lol.


So lets see, since I was last here telling you all about my life, we made a family trip to Colorado to see my mother, so she could meet the baby for the first time. She did amazing in the truck, as it was a 10 hour drive. She was really good out in Colorado, too. I’m sure she would have enjoyed wiggling around on the floor at my sisters, too…if someone wasn’t holding her from the moment she woke up, until she went to sleep at night.  Honestly though, it was a good time for E and I, as well. We got to go to our favorite restaurant while we were out there, just the two of us, and we did a little playing around in the snow, too. Every time I go back there, I miss the mountains a little more each time. And honestly, I think E falls in love with them a little more each time, too.We got some fun pictures of everyone holding baby, too. Not bad for a 3 week old infant, huh?

Getting back into our natural routine was honestly, a lot harder than I thought it would be, though. I figured it would be really easy to just spend a couple weeks dealing with having a baby in the house, then things would go back to the way they were. Let me tell you new parents..NOPE! It’s been a little over a month now, and things are just starting to resemble normal again. They aren’t there yet, but things are slowly starting to fall back into place. E and I started working out again today. She is now feeling better and able to do her workouts, and honestly, it’s nice to have someone there to motivate you to do yours, too. So that’s back on track. We’ve started to get our old schedules back, too. When we go shopping and when we do laundry and dishes, etc.. The world is slowly stating to right itself, again. Yay!

This weekend, my brother and his 3 girls came up from Arkansas to visit us, and they made a quick trip to Iowa to see family there, too. It was nice that he and the girls got to see baby for the first time. His wife had to work, but I’m sure they will be up here again before too long. E and I have started to take the Dave Ramsey class on Tuesday nights, so we get a small break from baby for those 2 hours, even if it is to go learn about money management. And honestly, if you’re sitting here reading this, and your a young couple who are first time parents, or just starting over or anything like that, it’s not the worst idea to look into that class. I’m not gonna sit here and talking about the class, that’s not what this site is about, but it’s something to think about. It might come in handy.

I will say, from my brother and his kids visiting, and my oldest niece bringing her boyfriend, I am a little worried about this generation of kids. What is a, ‘Drake moment’? And who the hell wears pants like that? They look like bagging Under Armor running pants like the kind I run in. And the slang they use..I felt like I needed a translator to help me out. I don’t know if this means I’m old, or I just don’t watch enough t.v. anymore to understand things, but either way, I’m a little worried this generation will forget to look up from their phones long enough to enjoy themselves.

I suppose that’s enough rambling from me for one night. Don’t worry though, I’m back into a routine, so I won’t leave you hanging for my wild and crazy adventures of daddyhood. Until next time!


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