Well, I think last night went ok with the new sleeping arrangements. Of course, I’m sure E has a different view, as I guess I slept like a rock last night… /:

Today was a pretty good day overall. We got to take our tour of the day care where baby will be going in a few weeks. I am very impressed with the way things looked. It might even make me want to stick around this area for a while, lol. Who knows, maybe I’ll even look into getting a job at the same company as E, even thought I’m not a big fan of giant companies.  I guess time will tell, huh?

I think the one drawback to today was when the plumbing guy came to run a camera through the drains that we had cleaned out the other day. It hasn’t collapsed yet, obviously, but with all our trees, it won’t be long. We are looking into having to get it fixed within the year. We are hoping to wait until after I finish school, but I guess it’s a bridge we will cross when we get there…if the water isn’t over the bridge by then, lol.

On a bright note, baby and I did go up and see Papa today. He was glad to see her, and even though I still haven’t finished building him the computer I told him I would, I brought him a bunch of pictures of baby that we had done for her new born pictures. I’m sure everyone he runs into from here on out will have to look at them, regardless of their desire to. It was a good drive, and I got to see my other favorite dog, Mandy. She’s still as goofy as ever, but it was good seeing here again.

I mentioned something yesterday about E having to start a dairy free diet for baby. It’s a lot harder for her than I realized it was going to be. I’m already lactose intolerant, and I know what foods to stay away from, or at the very least, take a pill before I eat it, so I don’t run everyone out of the room. She doesn’t get that option, though. So today, I did what any good dad would do. I went to the store, and scoured the aisles looking for things that I can cook that I can leave dairy out of, or at least use the lactose free milk instead of regular ‘killer’ milk. I think I’ve got some pretty good ideas, so far.I need to look into some lactose free cheese sometime this week, but aside from that, I think I can handle this…right? Honestly, today was a pretty good, and overall, uneventful day. And you know what? I’m ok with that! Those days are going to start becoming few and far between, so I know I need to enjoy them while I can. I am excited for this weekend, though. Friday, me and the guys are going to finally see, Deadpool! Clearly not a children’s movie, even though there are some half-wit parents out there, who took their little children to see it. Like, 7-9 year olds…ridiculous! But the, I’m not here to critique parenting skills, considering I put babies socks on backwards this morning, twice.

I’ll leave you with these parting words though. They say that when you have your first baby, it doesn’t always sink in right away that you’re a parent, and your whole life has changed. And that was true for me, until tonight. E is with some friends from church right now, getting a much needed moment away from things here at home, so I am on baby doodie. (See what I did there?) So, as per a new ritual, I was singing her some Ron Pope, cause she seems to have taken a liking to it, (go figure), and she stopped staring at the light for a few minutes and looked right at me. Understand this isn’t the first time she’s fixed on me before, but while I was singing to her, she stopped whatever it is little babies do, looked up at me and smiled. I know that the smile was most likely a reflex at this stage in her development, but for some reason, in that moment, it hit me. The whole reality of it smashed into me like a giant ass wall. It was wildly overwhelming for a moment, and I kind of lost my sh*t. And all I could think of was a line from one of my all time favorite shows. “You are the love of my life.Everything I have…and everything I am…is yours. Forever.” Maybe some of you recognize the line. Maybe not, but the sentiment is still the same. So dads, and even you moms, if it hasn’t already happened, one day it will, and you’ll know full well what I mean. And I can’t wait for that day for you. It’s amazing. Now, I think I’m gonna go find who is cutting onions in my house and throat punch know, like a man! Goodnight.


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