Peas, Please!

Well, I made it! My first week at my new job, that I am completely in love with! I have an amazing view from my desk. I am in the heart of down-town OP, my bosses are amazing, and my co-workers are great! Oh, and I work from home on Fridays!

So i’m sitting here this afternoon, watching E feed baby her baby food….that’s right, I said baby food! She is officially eating baby food as of last night. I am making her food at home, and we started with peas last night. I was a little worried she wouldn’t like them much, but she is crushing them!! We are going shopping at the market later today and I think we will be getting some sweet potatoes for her to try next week. She’s getting so big, so fast, it’s kinda scary, really.

She’s sitting up, she has her ears pierced, and she is eating baby food. Next thing I know, my cousin and I will be standing in the door way of my living room in our PT shorts, each holding a shot gun, explaining to her date that we aren’t afraid of going back to prison, and I have no issues doing to him, whatever he does to her. I already hate boys..all of them. I know what I was like at 16.

At least I’ve got a few more years of her just loving to cuddle up with me on the couch and watch Jurassic Park. But back to the baby food thing. She has her first experience with it last night, and like I said, she loved it. Today however, she had her first dirty diaper with peas…I wasn’t ready for that. Now, we are family that uses cloth diapers. Before you say anything, know that they’ve come a long way from when I wore them, and they looked like a thick paper towel with safety pins. You can get really cool designs and patterns and everything!  Anyway, She wears cloth diapers, so instead of rolling them up and throwing them away, we have to clean them. Today there was a bit of a surprise for us. Peas. Yeah, peas…I was shocked, too!

Now, since the day we started the whole cloth diaper thing, I’ve been telling E that we would be getting this neat little thing I saw at the store that hooks to your toilet that you can use to spray the diapers out when they need it. As far as I am concerned, we’ve made it to that stage. E however, is not as sure. We keep going back and forth about this sprayer. (picture the kind that is on your kitchen sink, but it hooks up to your toilet and hooks on the side of the tank). I keep insisting that I’m going to get one, they are only $20. She keeps telling me to shut up. I may have to start a Go-Fund me page to get this, but I swear, I will have one before July gets here! Also, feel free to leave a comment here to support me on this, it might help!

It hasn’t been an overly exciting week, but hey, not all of them our, and honestly, I think god for that all the time! I need a little relaxation from time to time. So that’s pretty much all for this post. I’ll be back next Saturday with more craziness from this family, unless something really exciting know, like baby crawls, I win the power ball, or I win the whole sprayer argument early! Peace out, people!







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