Books, books, books!

Whew, what a week, right?! Have you ever noticed how when you finally have a moment to relax and not worry about getting things done, you can’t seem to make yourself relax? Yeah, me either. Two kids doesn’t leave a lot of time for relaxing! Especially when one of them in two and a half and has more energy than Tony Stark’s ARC reactor.

Today we took her and baby G to the library, as today was the start of their summer reading program. And while L is a little young to understand the concept of a reading program, we figure it’s never too early to encourage a passion for reading. Also, it helps get me one more thing to do that get’s us out of the house during the day so she isn’t bored out of her mind! It’s cute though, she has her little library bag that she carries with her, she checks out two books at a time, and we read a couple while we’re there.

I’m glad we’re doing this, because honestly, I think today and last Friday proved something to me. She is so used to getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, then going to school, that to wake up, eat and then just stay home has really messed with her internal clock, (yeah, I had trouble grasping a two year old has an internal clock, too). So, starting this week, a couple times a week, we are going to get up, and do our breakfast thing, then go somewhere. The park, the arts center, the science center, Target, whatever. And of course, baby G doesn’t really care what’s going on, so long as he gets  a bottle every couple hours and a dry diaper as needed. I like the way he rolls.

I just don’t know how I feel about how he’s been rolling lately. He has gotten into this thing where he likes to sleep as much as humanly possible during the day, regardless of me trying to keep him up, (have you ever fought a wild honey badger? ‘Cause it’s the same damn thing!). Then when it’s about bed time, he wakes up with the renewed energy of a A/V nerd who’s been told he has a chance to take the head cheerleader to homecoming! So, that typically means no sleep on our end. I’m starting to think it’s his way of paying us back for all the ridiculous pictures we make him take. I found stickers on my camera, and may have gotten a little carried away the other night….so sue me!

On a side note, I’ll take this moment to shamelessly endorse my own efforts.  Now that I’m rocking the stay at home dad life, I have had a chance to get back into some of my old passions. Web design and photography, to be exact. So, if any of you poor souls out there reading this need pictures, or a website…or both, let me know. If I can get enough business, I get to get a stick in the back of the van in the shape of a Batman symbol that says, “Dadman”, in the middle of it. Maybe then I can talk E into letting me get a Bat-mobile hood wrap for it…my birthday is coming up! Alas, it’s getting late, and I’m sure G isn’t going to care I was up late playing on my blog like a giant man child, so, that’s all folks.


-Dadman, out!



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